I’ve posted a video interview from the Vault with Roger Miret, vocalist for New York hardcore legends Agnostic Front. It was shot in September 2019, and was originally planned for release in April of this year when the band was back on tour. But the pandemic has forced the tour to be rescheduled until spring of 2021. So before the interview gets a bit too dated, I decided it was best to post it as soon as possible. A new “At Home” interview is also coming later this week.

Photo by Wyatt Clough

Head over to the Interviews section to read the third "Zombitrol At Home" interview. This time it's an in-depth chat vocalist Rody Walker of Protest The Hero, who have just released their album Palimpest, a sprawling historical epic that tackles various events in U.S. history. Hope to bring you more content soon. 

Photo by Jens Nordström

I’ve published a new “At Home” interview with iconic Canadian hard rocker Danko Jones. We talk about politics and the current crisis (including their fundraising effort for Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital), as well as his band’s legacy and style. Read it in the Interviews section.

Hope you've had a chance to check out my first "Zombitrol At Home" piece with Silenoz of Dimmu Borgir. More new stuff on the way, but for now here's another Vault interview, this time with Combichrist founder and frontman Andy LaPlegua. We talk about his new social stance and dedication to mental health awareness, as well as the band's return to the industrial sound that they're known for.