Artwork by Alexx Swanson

During these uncertain times, I believe that entertainment is very important. Back when the threat of SARS caused many tours and film shoots to cancel Toronto bookings, Ozzy Osbourne refused to do so. He said that his father told him that during a crisis people need to be “fed and entertained.” But this is a unique situation. Fortunately it was not necessary to cancel public gatherings at that time, but even with that being the case today, I still think Ozzy’s words ring true. Unlike a grocery store, concerts and other kinds of entertainment will never be deemed essential. But we still need to be entertained in a crisis. So as limited as my capacity to do so may be, it’s my plan over the next few weeks to get back to using this site to help distract you once in a while, at least to keep myself busy if nothing else.

So on that note, I’m happy to announce that The Governor’s Ball Archive is now live and 100% free on including:

2 New Albums! The Complete Rob Halford Interviews and The Best of The Oderus Urungus Interviews.

New digital reissues of The Governor’s Ball classic mixtapes, Mighty Hits Vol. 1 (2006) and Mighty Hits Vol. 2 (2009).

Full episode downloads of the entirety of Season 6 (2012-2013).

Hope to be speaking to you again very soon.

Stay Home. Be Safe. Be Kind.