My latest video for A Journal of Musical Things is an emotional interview with the enigmatic and charismatic party-pusher Andrew W.K. after a crazy solo performance at Toronto's Hard Luck Bar. You can check it out in the Interviews section.

Here's my second video interview for Alan Cross' new website A Journal of Musical Things. Time time it's an in-depth chat with my friends Heri and Amon from the Faeroese folk-metal band TYR about their history and sound. Watch it now in the Interviews section.

Here's my new interview with Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus of the legendary costumed-metal band Gwar for Alan Cross' new website, A Journal of Musical Things. It's an in-depth conversation with Dave out of character talking about his time in the DC punk scene, early incarnations of the band, and their huge and varied catalogue. He also drops some juicy bits about Henry Rollins, Ian Mackaye, and Rob Zombie. You can listen to it now in the Interviews section.

I'm proud to announce my first-ever video interview for a metaphysical chat with vocalist Erik Danielsson of the enigmatic Swedish black metal band Watain before their recent performance at Toronto's Opera House. You can watch it now in the Interviews section.