Sabaton is a Swedish heavy metal band that has managed to gain a considerable cult following due to their lyrical content which revolves around the history of war, especially World War I & II. For instance they have a very passionate fan-base in Poland because of the song and subsequent video for “Uprising” (not surprisingly about the Warsaw Uprising of 1944). Writing about specific historical events has created a deep emotional connection with fans in the various nations that these events took place. At European festivals Sabaton often attracts crowds that rival the headliners, easily eclipsing their peers.

They’ve also grabbed a few headlines in the past couple years by changing three of five members, and by releasing the album “Carolus Rex”, their first solely about Swedish history. I spoke with newer members Hannes van Dahl and Chris Rörland in Toronto after a set supporting Iced Earth, about joining a band with a huge passionate audience and how some people can get the wrong idea when it comes to historical lyrics.


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