Screen Shot from ANTIFA Video

A couple weeks back, the final night of Montreal’s Messe des Morts Festival was besieged by a group of anti-fascist protesters who turned out in full force to oppose the evening’s headliner, the Polish Pagan black metal band Graveland. The band, who is touring for the first time in their twenty five year history, is led by Rob "Darken" Fudali, a man who in the past has made statements affiliating himself with Nazism, and who has a reputation as one of the more significant extreme right-wing personalities in the metal scene. Labeling the whole event as racist, the protesters used smoke bombs and other violent tactics, and were able to have the show shut down. Many of the concert-goers targeted by the protesters were visible minorities, and were also accused of being Nazis. In the aftermath of these events and some spirited discussions on social media, the fine folks at Metal Insider reached out to me for my thoughts, and I had many. Read my editorial "Fascism and Blasphemy: Thoughts On Messe des Morts, Graveland, and ANTIFA" over at