Arguably the biggest trend in heavy metal over the past 15 years has been folk-metal, a combination of various styles of metal with ethnic music from a variety of countries. Many bands give the credit to Finntroll for originating the style (they’re from Finland in case that wasn’t obvious). Their upbeat “humpa-metal” has inspired many metal bands to go folk, and even some folk bands to go metal.

They have had a stable line-up for the past few years and things seem to have gone full circle as the band still works with original members who aren’t part of the touring band. Current vocalist Vreth coordinates with original vocalist Katla on lyric writing, while stay-at-home member Trollhorn comes up with many of their musical ideas.

I had a chance to sit down with Vreth and guitarist Routa before their recent stop in Toronto to talk about their new album “Blodsvept” (“Shrouded In Blood”), their collaborative writing process, and their first ever North American festival appearance at Heavy MTL.